CozyCatFurniture Incline Cat Scratcher | Made in USA | Solid Wood Scratching Post | Unoiled Sisal Rope & Thick Carpet | Brown Color

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Our Cat Scratching Post Sisal in brown is designed with the very best angle for your cat to comfortably scratch. It is vitally sturdy in comparison to traditional rise up cat scratching posts that have a tendency to break. It is built strong with all wood construction, solid sturdy base, high-grade carpet, and 3/8” Sisal Rope for your cat scratching pleasure! It comes fully assembled ready to use. Overall Size: 23”L x 12”W x 12”H; Covering Material: Plush Carpet; Made of WOOD, not particle board; Base: 23” x 12”; Sisal rope post; No glue or toxic materials; Ships fully assembled; Proudly hand built right here in america. Carpet color shades may vary. It is only the very best cat furniture scratcher with sisal rope pole for cats or kittens.

Size: 23”L x 12”W x 12”H
SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION GUARANTEES STURDINESS & STABILITY: Our cat scratching posts are made here in america with solid wood (NOT cardboard) poles and large base that prevents tipping over.
THICK and SOFT HOUSEHOLD CARPETING & NATURAL UNOILED SISAL ROPE: Both carpet and sisal rope are attached by staples which get rid of the usage of toxic glue.
SHIPS FULLY ASSEMBLED: Just take it out of the box put it in the corner or where your pet favorite spot is and your cat will have a place to scratch, sharpen claws, and exercise without destroying your expensive furniture.
FIVE COLORS AVAILABLE: This cat scratcher comes in Brown, but we will be able to make it in Beige, Blue, Gray and Green as well. Check the other colors here: .Carpet Color Shades May Vary.

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