LEMON PET Cat Surgery Recovery Cotton Cosy Clothes Vest, Kittens Puppy Costume Suit for Abdominal Wounds

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Size: XS

Protective Recovery Suit for Cats

Cat Recovery Suit Surgery Size Details:
XXS Neck: 24cm /9.44in , Chest: 27cm / 10.62in, Length: 25-30cm /9.84-11.81in, fit for most kittens
XS Neck: 28cm / 11in , Chest: 34cm / 13.38in, Length: 30-35cm /11.81-13.77in, fit for most kittens
S Neck: 32cm / 12.59in , Chest: 39cm / 15.35in, Length: 35-40cm /13.77-15.74in, fit for 6.6-11LB /3-5kg Cats or dogs
M Neck: 36cm / 14.17in, Chest: 48cm /18.89in, Length: 40-45cm /15.74-17.71in, fit for above 11LB / 5kg Cats or dogs

Material: Made of cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable, soft and durable, and easy to clean and dry quickly, and has no smell.


It helps preventing pets from biting or licking wounds, removes scratching and reduce separation anxiety.
Sterilization Care Wipe Medicine Prevent Lick After Surgery Wear Weaning
Keep Warm After Shaving Day by day Wear Recovery Cloth Suit for Cats Dogs Pets

Alternative to the cone collar
Offer protection to cat’s wounds and bandages
Offer protection to Skin diseases
Allow use of litter box
Offer protection to Hotspots

There are XXS, XS, S, M, size, please see the size picture to make a choice the right size for our cat. And if your have question, please contact with us, we will be able to reply you asap.
Package Include:

1 x Pet Recovery Suit

Recovery Clothing helping your pet cat heal faster. Perfect to use after shave to keep warm. Reduces anxiety throughout weaning period. Machine wash dry.
Cats Recovery Suit XS Neck: 28cm / 11in , Chest: 34cm / 13.38in, Length: 30-35cm /11.81-13.77in, fit for most kittens
Material: Made of breathable and comfortable cotton , With exlastic strap for adjustable size, rip collar, Easy to wear and fit at the skin. No deformation after washing.
E Collar Alternative for Post Operative Anxiety, pet Recovery Shirts, After Surgery Wear Anti Licking Wounds , Prevent Wounds & Bandages infection , Prevent harassment throughout pregnancy, Does not impact Day by day life
Cat recovery suit surgery wear design is in step with the cat’s body shape, which is closer and prevents clothes shedding, It can Offer protection to the wound from foreign objects immediately, accelerate wound healing after surgery

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